Registration of international compamnies

Our team is ready to provide you with full scope of required services related to incorporation and administration of companies in different jurisdictions of the world
Popular jurisdictions
Company formation in Poland
Polish company - exactly that instrument, which assist you to launch your business in EU without problems.
Company formation in Hongkong
  • Если Вы намерены выйти на рынок Европейского Союза, рекомендуем осуществить это именно через Польшу.
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Company formation in Europe

European companies have long established themselves as a reliable tool for conducting international business, and there are a number of reasons for this: stable economy, developed legal system, flexible taxation.
Recomended for:
- IT business;
- advertising and marketing;
- commodity;
- fintech/blockchain;
- investments and trade in securities;
- holdings.
Most common jurisdictions:
United Kingdom
Czech Republic
5%-20% corporate income tax.
17%-23% VAT
Set up fees:
from EUR 900
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Company formation in the USA

The United States of America has established itself as the country with the most developed corporate legislation. Stable political and banking systems enable businesses to grow rapidly.

This is confirmed by such giants as Google Inc., WhatsApp, Facebook, Amazon, Uber and others, whose headquarters are located in the States.

Also, an American company can be a good start for a further move to the United States.
Recommended for:
- any projects targeted on the US market;
- international IT/fintech start-ups.
Most common jurisdictions:
0%-23% corporate income tax.
VAT is absent.
Set up fees:
from EUR 800
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Company formation in Asia

Today the Asian region is the territory of large financial institutions.

Countries like Singapore or Hong Kong become home to many successful fintech or blockchain projects. And the Middle East region, represented by the UAE, has become an international financial center due to its attractive investment climate.
Recommended for:
- fintech/blockchain;
- international IT/fintech start-ups;
- IT business;
- advertising and marketing;
- commodity;
- holdings.
Most common jurisdictions:
0%-24% corporate income tax.
VAT is absent.
Set up fees:
from EUR 5000
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Company set up in offshore jurisdictions

International fight against money laundering has changed the nature of offshore companies. If earlier companies registered in the Caymans, Bermuda, Seychelles or the BVI were used mainly as wallet companies to store money, now the situation has changed.

The updated legislation of many island jurisdictions is better suits for the creation of investment funds, trading platforms or the gambling industry. Note that the listed activities require obtaining the appropriate licenses, which our company will be happy to help you with.
Recommended for:
- fintech/blockchain;
- forex;
- brokerage;
- gambling;
- investment funds;
- trade in securities.
Most common jurisdictions:
Cayman Islands
Bermuda islands
British Virgin Islands
0%-7% corporate income tax
VAT is absent.
Set up fees:
from EUR 1 000
License fees
from EUR 5000
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What reasons may the foreign company be used for?
Increasing business respectability
Foreign counterparties or investors are still aware of companies registered in Ukraine. It is much easier to conduct business on behalf of company from Europe, Asia or USA.
Simplification of foreign currency settlements
Financial monitoring greatly complicates settlements with foreign counterparties. Having opened a company abroad and an account in a reliable bank or payment system, you can forget about such problems.
Protection from raiders and other risks
Business security is the key to its prosperity. Assets held on the balance of a foreign company are not available to raiders and other risk parties in Ukraine.
Simplification of tax burder
При помощи налоговых льгот различных юрисдикций и международных налоговых соглашений можно совершенно законно оптимизировать налоговую нагрузку Вашего бизнеса.
Possibility to get foreign residence permit
If you have ever thought about moving abroad, then opening a company in the country of the planned place of relocation would be an excellent step in this direction.
Main steps of incorporation
Advising on jurisdictions options
Analysis of the current business condition and select the most optimal jurisdiction for the company
Preparation of documents
Preparation of set of documents on directors and shareholders and submission to the Commercial Register.
Compliance check
During the establishing of a new company, the registered agent must carefully check the details of the applicant.
Company registered
After the successful passing of registration you obtain the set of corporate documents for further operation of the company.
Obtaining of a relevant license*
* if required

We will support you with obtaining the license, required for your commercial activity.
Shall the additional cost arise?
We provide services "on a turn-key basis". The price includes registration and full support of the company for the first year. In the future, you will only need to pay for the annual renewal of the company.
Do you provide only incorporation services?
No. We work in accordance with one-stop-shop principle. We provide full legal services and focuse exclusively on long-term relationships with each client.
Is the bookkeeping required?
Almost all jurisdictions today oblige companies to maintain accounting records and submit annual reports. We will help you with bookkeeping for your foreign company.
Is bank better than payment system?
We can not agree that a bank is better than a payment system. Yes, a bank account better suites for accumulating and storing savings. But for daily transactions an account in the payment system is quite applicable.
Is it possible to set up the company personaly?
Many countries have online registration services. However, starting a business in a new country is a large-scale and complex process. There are too many nuances that online services do not take into account.
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